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Raising Good Humans

Jun 24, 2022

Research shows that fathers have, on average, become more involved in their children's lives in the last several generations. This has created so many new questions for fathers. Join me in conversation with educator Kimberly Wolf, author of Talk With Her, to discover new ways for dads to engage with their daughters and...

Jun 17, 2022

How can we create a country that better serves parents? Join me in conversation with Dr. Dana Suskind.

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Jun 10, 2022

Join me in conversation with one of the leading psychologists on executive function, Stephanie Carlson, to learn about raising self-reliant kids that still feel supported by their parents.

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Jun 7, 2022

We're doing something a little different today. I'm interviewing Alan Patricof - He just wrote a book called No Red Lights: Reflections on Life. He is 87 years old, a true business legend, an eager mentor, fit as a fiddle, and an incredibly loving father and grandfather. If you Google him, you will be blown away. Let me...

Jun 3, 2022

Today, we're talking about cannabis. Join me in conversation with Dr. Rebecca Siegel about cannabis and brain health as well as the impact specifically on the adolescent brain.

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