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Raising Good Humans

Apr 30, 2021

A conversation with Author Bethany Saltman: What's really behind the science of attachment, why does it matter for our parenting and our children's development and what myths surround this often misunderstood foundation of human development? for 50% off your first order. with...

Apr 23, 2021

How teens are doing, how parents are helping and when to worry with Dr. Ken Ginsburg. with code HUMANS for 20% off your first purchase. And if you're looking to revitalize your joints, skin and hair, use code HUMANS for 20% off at for 30% off your order...

Apr 16, 2021

Professor, psychologist and best selling author, Dr. Tovah Klein and Dr. Aliza talk about sibling transitions, sibling conflicts and sibling relationships. to get your FREE year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs today. with code HUMANS for $100 off your...

Apr 9, 2021

Dr. Aliza answers listener questions for a free 30-day trial, just pay $4.95 for shipping and handling for your FREE two-week supply of B.Immune Propolis Throat Spray, you just pay $5 for shipping with code HUMANS for 20% off your...

Apr 8, 2021

Jennifer Garner and Dr. Aliza Pressman talking about how to talk to kids and teens about atrocities in developmentally appropriate ways. This episode is in honor of Yom Hashoa, Holocaust Memorial Day. 


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